Sunday 30 April 2017

Arctic Circular - April 1986

This is the last issue of the Arctic Circular that I have a copy of. According to the editorial they were having production problems. The quality is poor in places, especially the article written by my late father-in-law, Hughie McMeechan. If anyone knows of latter editions I would be pleased to hear from them because, as far as I know, there follows a gap of 12 years until the next Station Magazine, The Saxa Voice, appears in 1998. (Left click on images to enlarge).







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  1. Blimey,
    I remember that cross country run, vividly - running through the boggy ground turned all my nice white running gear brown :(

    13th wasn't too bad, considering i didn't do that much exercise up in Saxa.

    lovely to see some names (that finally) i recognise