Sunday 3 October 2010

Da Voar Redd Up

Da Voar Redd Up is a Shetland-wide event which has taken place for the last 23 years. The word Voar comes from the Norse for spring and the whole expression can be translated to “the spring tidy up (or clean)". The purpose is to clear litter from roadsides and beaches, providing a good example of environmental practice. In recent years up to 4,000 volunteers have taken part and between 50 and 100 tons of rubbish (bruck as it is known here) collected annually – not too bad when you consider that the total population of Shetland is about 22,000. A specific weekend is designated for the event but, dependent upon the availability of volunteers, it can be spread over a couple of weeks. The Shetland Amenity Trust provides gloves and bags. Groups of volunteers undertake to clear specific areas and, when complete, inform the Shetland Amenity Trust to arrange for the removal of the rubbish and its disposal by the most environmentally friendly means.
RAF Saxa took part in the proceedings on a number of occasions and the pictures below come from one year’s event (probably 1995 or 96). (Left click on pictures to enlarge)

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