Friday 16 March 2012

Saxa Voice - Spring 1998 & Station Magazines

I have been gathering issues of station magazines with a view to publishing them over the coming months/years. So far the collection stands at:

Saxa Voice:
Saxa Voice Spring 1998
Saxa Voice Summer 1998
Saxa Voice Autumn 1998
Saxa Voice Winter 1998
Saxa Voice Spring 1999
Saxa Voice Summer 1999
Saxa Voice Autumn 1999
Saxa Voice Winter 1999
Saxa Voice Spring 2000
Saxa Voice Summer 2000 (last Issue)

Arctic Circular:
Arctic Circular Midsummer 1977
Arctic Circular Christmas 1979
Arctic Circular December 1981
Arctic Circular October 1982
Arctic Circular March 1983
Arctic Circular April 1983
Arctic Circular June 1983
Arctic Circular September 1984
Arctic Arctic Circular March 1983
Arctic Circular November 1984
Arctic Circular February 1985
Arctic Circular November 1984
Arctic Circular June 1985
Arctic Circular April 1986

RAF Skaw Out-Post
RAF Skaw Out-Post November 1941
RAF Skaw Out-Post January 1942
RAF Skaw Out-Post Feb- Mar 1942
RAF Skaw Out-Post April 1942

Should anyone have other issues and be prepared to let me have a copy I would be pleased to hear from them:
The first of the re-issues is below. The quality of the reproduction is not great (to conserve space). Should anyone be featured and would like a higher resolution copy of an article, I may be able to send them one by email. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

Saxa Voice -Spring 1998


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