Thursday 26 January 2012

Information Booklet 1973

Once again I’m grateful to Pete Brindley, this time for sending me his copy of the RAF Saxa Vord Information Booklet (1973). It certainly brings back memories for me having left Unst in 1969 – not much had changed. The main Married Quarter patch at SHE had only been open for a few years. The information about heating quarters is fascinating in retrospect. At the time the RAF Power house was supplying electricity to the area and there was a limit to the output. Still, there were remote parts of the Highlands & Islands without any form of mains electricity at the time.
Pete was also good enough to send the 1977 booklet at the same time and I will issue that some time in the future. If anyone has similar information from other periods and is prepared to lend or part with the documents, I would be pleased to hear from them –


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