Tuesday 13 July 2010

The Storm – New Year 1991/92 Part 3 – Pictures of the Top Site

The following summary gives an outline of the main damage at the Top Site:
  • One of the 100ft high Link 11 masts was bent in half and the antenna was left resting on the ground.
  • The HF 200 radome (55ft in diameter) was destroyed, fortunately there was only minor damage to the HF200 aerial.

  • The 65ft diameter radome for the Type 96 (S649) was destroyed, major damage was done to both of the back to back aerials and associated equipment. 
  • The large radome intended for the Type 93 was totally wiped out. This large dome (110ft in diameter) had been twice previously wrecked by high winds in 1989 (newspaper cuttings attached).

Some photos of the Top Site after the storm are shown below:
Elsewhere there were various degrees of damage at the Domestic Site and to Quarters. The TACAN radome at Vallafield was blown away and the TACAN antenna badly damaged.

Display on UnstThe events of the night were recorded on a Type 96 radome panel – This panel is currently on display in the ex Station Medical Centre (Foords Chocolates) – It has more information and some Photos which are not included here.

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