Thursday 1 April 2010

AOC's Inspection 1992

In 1992 the CO was Sqn Ldr Nick (Flash) Gordon. The AOC 11 Group was Air Vice Marshal John Allison CBE, RAF. He seems to have an interesting CV. Although he spent a large part of his RAF flying time in Phantoms he is believed to be the last RAF Pilot to have flown a Lightning whilst in service. After retirement he has flown Spitfires, P47’s, P51’s & an Me109. He has also flown a number of old types in the Shuttleworth Collection and has been instrumental in the restoration of a number of others. He left the RAF in 1999 and spent a few years working for Jaguar Racing. More parochially his main claim to fame is as a chauffeur for me on one of the 2 back seat Phantom trips I had from 228 OCU at RAF Coningsby in 1976.
The photos below were all taken during AVM Allison’s visit. I have been able to title the AOC in C’s Commendation to C/T McCaffrey as the commendation could actually be read the in the original picture. I have no information about the award in the last picture and will happily title it if anyone can give me the information needed. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

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