Sunday 31 July 2011

Functions in the Officers’ Mess in the 90’s

Towards the end of the 90’s the station strength was reducing as its’ role was changing, eventually leading to the combining of messes. I have already published a section on the last function in the Officers’ Mess:
In most Officers’ Messes there were fairly regular functions -Dining In/Ladies Guest Night every month or two, a Burns Night at the end of January, a Summer Ball and a Christmas Draw. Obviously there was also a fair share of informal gatherings such as Happy Hours etc. I hope the following pictures will give some indication of life in the Officers’ Mess at Saxa in the 90’s
Programme for Burns Night - 26 Jan 1991

Programme for the Summer Ball - 5 Jul 1991

Departure of Sqn Ldr Kevin Hann/Arrival of Sqn Ldr Bill Gray – 1995

I presume the 3 photos below are of some kind of send off and welcoming at the changeover of the Stn Cdr; the pictures were taken at the doors to the Mess.

After the meal at a Dining In Night 1995 or 96

Christmas Draw  - 1995 or 96
I would like to thank Al Callow & Ian Price for help in identifying some of the people in the photos above.

As I have said elsewhere – I would like to be able to cover events in the other Messes and Clubs but unless someone else has material I can use I won’t be able to.


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