Thursday, 30 April 2020

A History of RAF Skaw (AMES 56) - The Out-Post - Volume 4 No 1

This is the last issue of "The Out-Post" which In have a copy of. The original copy belongs to Sammy Sjoberg  and I am very grateful to him for allowing me to reproduce it. The quality of production is higher than any of the previous editions I have seen and it features the names of a number of servicemen who were at RAF Skaw at the time. The most renowned of these (in Shetland at least), is the late Tom "Tammy" Anderson, who was to become famous for his work in preserving Shetland fiddle music.
The issue also indicates that there was a significant degree of cooperation (and rivalry) between the personnel of the RAF Chain Home Station at Skaw and the Admiralty Coastal Defence U Boat radar on Saxa Vord (Admiralty Experimental Station 4). In addition, the magazine  draws attention to the importance of entertainment (shows and cinema) and the integration with the local community (dances and sale of work in Baltasound).


Friday, 28 February 2020

A History of RAF Skaw (AMES 56) – The Out-Post – Volume 2 Issue 1

The first issue of The  Outpost was released in Apr '41 and only a handful of copies were produced. A year later, with the aid of a duplicator,  circulation had increased considerably. Marking the completion of the first year the numbering system was changed to show that the May '42 issue was Issue 1 of "Volume 2".  It was in May that the full Chain Home radar at Skaw  was commissioned and the tall Transmitter (360')  & Receiver Towers (240') were operational.  Left Click on images to enlarge.