Monday 25 July 2011

Type 93 Radome -1989

Depending upon ones point of view 1989 was a good or bad year on Unst for scaffolders. Work started on the construction of a geodetic dome which was intended to house a Type 93 radar. The dome was much bigger than actually required for the radar itself but, because the plan involved the use of the old Type 80 base structure, the design had to be for a large dome. Early on there was an “event”. I don’t know if it was the weather (June is usually one of the better months), design, material or competence but in June the fledgling dome collapsed as noted in the Shetland Times. (Left click on picture to enlarge)
Work commenced to rebuild the structure and by August (as seen in the previous section about the visit of Air Marshal Sir Ken Hayr) the dome was nearing completion. However, 4 weeks after he left the Shetland climate intervened in the history of Saxa Vord again. The Shetland Times covered the event again.

The sequence of pictures below shows the results of this event. I am not aware that any injuries were caused at the time and, if that was the case, luck was a major factor.

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