Saturday 14 May 2011

Functions in the Officers’ Mess in the 1970’s

For some reason I have been unable to locate many photos of RAF Saxa Vord in the period 1970 – 1977. This time corresponds to the time when the Stn Cdrs were Sqn Ldr Melbourne, Sqn Ldr Woolston, Sqn Ldr Daniels and Sqn Ldr Glasspool. I am hopeful that this situation will be rectified and if anyone can help out it would be appreciated. I would also like to ask again for those of you with photos of functions in the Sergeants’ Mess, Viking Club & Penguin Club who have suitable pictures they are prepared to share, to get in touch:

The photos below all came from the scrap books left by my late father-in-law, Hughie McMeechan. I have to admit that I don’t know who owns the copyright but if there are any valid objections to them being reproduced here I will remove them.

From Sep 74 to Apr 76. Stn Cdr - Sqn Ldr Bob Daniels

From Apr 76 to Oct 77. Stn Cdr - Sqn Ldr Ian Glasspool

From Oct 77 to Jun 79.  Stn Cdr - Sqn Ldr Pete Batchelor

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