Sunday 14 October 2012

Function in the Officers’ Mess – Andy Capp Night

In late 1979 or during 1980, there was a party in the Officers’ Mess with an Andy Capp theme.  For those of you not familiar with Andy - he is the main character in a long running cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror. The cartons are syndicated in many countries, including the USA. His wife, Florrie, is the bane of his life and his main hobbies are pigeon racing, avoiding the rent collector, snooker and soccer - all normally whist intoxicated.
I doubt if there were many pigeons on the night but I suspect a degree on intoxication may have been in evidence late on. The only memento's I have of the evening are the 6 photos below. The first 4 pictures come from Steve Morson and the last 2 from George Keith. (Left click on photos to enlarge).
If anyone has more pictures from the evening, or printable anecdotes, I would be pleased if they would get in touch.

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