Sunday 8 April 2012

Information Booklet 1977

I have reproduced the second of two Information Booklets, kindly sent to me by Pete Brindley, below. The earlier one for 1973 can be found here:-
Although only 4 years apart there are significant differences between the booklets. The first was obviously produced through service sources whist the second has been professionally printed by the Shetland Times Ltd – leading to advertising to help pay from the production costs. The RoRo inter-island ferries have been introduced enabling cars to reach Unst without being loaded onto the Earl of Zetland. In fact the whole transport infrastructure in Shetland has changed, making shopping and entertainment trips to Lerwick simpler. The provision of mains electricity to the Quarters at SHE was now the responsibility of the Scottish Hydro and this allowed more use of outlet sockets. Most significantly (for golfers only), was the fact that the 6 hole course at Burrafirth had been increased to a 9 hole course!

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