Monday 13 February 2012

Eddie Ziemski – Photos 1962/63

Eddie Ziemski (an Air Defence Operator) was at Saxa from Mar 1962 to Oct 1963. The photos in this section are all his and he is hoping to get names for the unidentified people featured. A few names have been suggested and it is interesting to note that some members of the group “The Hustlers” appear in some of the pictures; there was a section published on the Hustlers here:

It is probably the Hustlers first gig (in the Springfield). Dave Joseph, who is in some of the pictures, he is playing a Burns Trisonic with some pedigree"It is a Burns Trisonic, I actually bought it second hand from a national a serviceman by the name of Tony Oakman, he was one of the guitarists with Joe Brown's Bruvvers, unfortunately he has passed as well. So it had a little history behind it, you can see it in some of their old photos".
Later, in the more famous days of the Hustlers, he had converted to a Red Stratocaster which would have cost considerably more.  (Left click on photos to enlarge).

(Thanks to Dave Joseph for some names, data about the venue and information regarding his guitar).
The final picture was taken out of doors. If anyone can help with the names of anyone else in any of the photos I will forward them on to Eddie; - (replace the AT with the usual symbol)

Thanks also to Pete Brindley, Lez Fishman, Harry Cairns & Nigel Godsell for some of the other data.


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