Saturday 8 January 2011

Freedom from Hunger Campaign – 1963/64

In the late 50’s and early 60’s a number of charitable organisations came together to form what was to become known as the Freedom from Hunger Movement. The driving factor for those involved was the belief that it was wrong that large numbers of people were starving around the world whilst there was comparative luxury and surplus in some areas – everyone should be entitled to enough food to keep them alive. The RAF and the local population of Shetland both had (and still have) a good reputation for supporting worthwhile charities and in 1963/4 a number of events took place to help this worthy cause. RAF Saxa Vord and the folk in Unst came up with a number of fund-raising ideas.

The article below is from a 1963 issue of the Shetland Times. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

A few pictures of the events are available.  A photo of some of the soccer players is below (already published in the Life on Camp 1963 section). The tournament was particularly hard fought (the girl who was to become my wife participated in one of the teams).

A relative of my wife’s visited the gardens at Maundeville on the open day  mentioned in the Shetland Times article and took the pictures below:-

Even at Christmas 1963 the opportunity for raising money was taken. Those who think they “started” Radio Saxa Vord should note it was in operation as early as 1963 and I would welcome any early details of its’ operations. Below is an extract from a Dec 63 issue of SROs (Station Routine Orders) which was sent to me by Pete Brindley

The campaign in Shetland  certainly continued into 1964 with both RAF and local involvement. The article below appeared in the Shetland Times dated 24 Jul 1964.:-

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