Wednesday 12 January 2011

Interim Ops Room (In use from Feb 1984)

In order that work could be carried out to refurbish the equipment in the R101, interim operations facilities were installed in the old Type 80 display hall. The equipment provided was a compact GL161 System (ex 1ACC). Cpl Richardson from USST Wattisham was involved in the setting-up and commissioning of the GL161 System. Operations started with this equipment in Feb 1984 but I do not know for how long it was in use. If anyone has information regarding the return to the updated R101 facilities I would be pleased to hear from them.
The equipment provided included 6 x Plessey Mk5 Displays with IFF & minicomms, but no rolling ball marker or computer back-up. Information from the S649 (Type 96) radar was fed to the system using to old Type 80 cabling. The GL 161 System, in various forms, had been in use by the RAF for a number of years. I have included a photo from the Ops Room at RAF Bukit Gombak in 1969 at the end of this section for comparison.

I am grateful to Bill Darling (ex TSSU Wattisham) for his help with this section. I would appreciate it if anyone who can supply further information about this “Interim” Ops Room, and the refurbishment of the R101, would get in touch :-
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