Friday 20 August 2010

AOCs Inspection 1988 AVM RH Palin (updated 20 Jul 17)

The AOC’s Inspection in 1988 took place on 18 May and was carried out by Air Vice Marshal RH Palin OBE MA psc. The Station Commander was Sqn Ldr Peter Hunter. I have no other information about this event and only the 3 photos below. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

Added 20 July 2017
Andrew Thorpe was the Station Photographer during his tour at Saxa Vord. He took many interesting pictures during his time on Unst and I hope to publish more in the future. He was the official photographer during the 1988 AOC's Inspection and probably took the three photos already used in this section, attributed to MOD. Fortunately, Andrew has more pictures of the  event and has allowed me to add them to the blog. All of the pictures below have come from Andrew:





My thanks to Andrew for allowing me to post these pictures on the blog.


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