Thursday 26 August 2010

2006 Closure Presentations and Shetland Times Articles

Just before the station finally closed the CO, Sqn Ldr Phil Carpenter, made a number of presentations to MOD Civilian Employees who had worked for a long time on the base. An article from the Shetland Times is printed below and is followed by three photos of the occasion. The names of the people in the first 2 photos are in the same order as in the Shetland Times article. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

The RAF Ensign was passed to the Lerwick Branch of RAFA for safekeeping in case the unit should ever be reopened. The Ensign was accepted by Ken Shaw and Kenny Duncan, two Shetland RAFA members. The next 2 photos show the Ensign, the 2 RAFA representatives, the CO, Pam Mouat (last Civilian Admin Officer), Leslie Spence (the Guizar Jarl from the Norwick Up Uphelly Aa), plus one other yet to be identified.

Below is an article from the Shetland Times about Ken Shaw, one of the RAFA representatives:-

The last 2 pictures are of a Shetland Times Article which contains interviews with the last Station Commander and with the last RAF Officer to Leave Saxa on its closure.

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