Saturday 17 July 2010

Catering Section Part 2

A few more photos of the Catering Section (& its produce) are shown below. There was a previous section on the Catering Section here;

I do not know who took the photographs and, except where titled, I have no further details. (Left click on photos to enlarge).


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  1. It is great to see some old faces from the past. I recall an event in the Officers' mess
    while I was the mess manager, Suzie Harrison was the PMC of the mess at the time, as usual we had a few new young officers' I remember Simon Tonkin accounts, Brian Bunting fighter controller and many more who's names escape me at this moment in time, I remember the livers in were allways playing pranks on the junior officers' there was one guy I will never forget he came from Glasgow was a big rugby person very nice chap. I remember him turning up for the Friday happy hour at 1700 hrs in black tie , the poor sod it cost him a round at the bar ,he had been set up. On another occasion Suzie Harrison came into my office and told me that in the early hours of the night before this young officer had woken her up to tell her that a hedge hog had got into his room and that it must have climbed in through his open bedroom window apperantly he was adamant that there was no other way in. set up again, well we laughed at that one for days.
    I hope that you get a laugh at this, there were some really lovely people stationed at Saxa Vord during my time there.