Monday 31 October 2016

Saxa Voice - Summer 2000

The Summer 2000 issue of the Saxa Voice magazine was the last edition. The reason is not hard to find - early in 2001 Saxa ceased to be a station in its own right and had become a Remote Reporting Head (RRH), parented by RAF Buchan. By the middle of 2001 the number of service personnel had reduced to 67. For a short period Saxa was able to contribute 4 dedicated pages to the RAF Buchan Magazine - The Buchan Bronco. Even when full status as an independent station was restored in 2004, when Buchan itself became an RRH, the number of service personnel did not increase significantly and restarting The Saxa Voice was not considered to be feasible. 
From my point of view this is the best edition. The staff have managed to include  some very interesting pictures from Saxa's history and, as it is the last issue, there are very few adverts. (Left click on images to enlarge).




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