Monday 16 July 2012

Ops Site Questions Part 2

In July 2011 I put out a section called “Ops Site Questions”

 Some Answers to Ops Site Questions (July 2011)

I thought that I would provide some feedback on these questions.
Question 1 –Does anyone know when and why the windows (R10) were bricked-up?

I believe they were blocked up about 1986/7 as a security/defensive measure.

Question 2.  Does anyone know what these structures were for and when they were put in place? (masonry structures below R10 Windows).
It seems these structures were put in place in the 1986/7 period simply as platforms to stack sandbags on. The idea being to block-up the windows in a transition to war period, strengthening the defence of the building.

Question 3. Does anyone know when the Admiralty Building was erected?

Work was begun in 1955 and the first 2 storeys were complete (and usable) in early 1956.

Question4. Does anyone have any data to show that it (the Admiralty Building) was originally built with 2 storeys and a third storey subsequently added, if so when was the third storey constructed?

The Admiralty Building was originally constructed as a 2 storey building and was used for trials in 1956.A third storey was added at the end of the year, with decoration continuing into early ’57.

Question 5. What was the extension, when was it and the metal cladding added to the Admiralty Building?
The extension was an emergency stairwell. It and the metal cladding were added in the late 80’s, possibly as late as 88/9.

Question 6. When was the newer sub-station built?
I have been unable to get a definitive answer. I know it wasn’t there in 1991. I believe that this may be linked to the next question.

Question 7. When were the fuel tanks and Standby Power House removed?
They were in situ during the big storm at New Year 1991/2 but had been removed by an AOCs inspection in 1995. Therefore it was in the period 92 to 95 and it would seem possible that the new electricity sub- station was built at the same time.
I would like to thank all of you who have helped provide the answers to these questions – it all helps to provide an accurate history of RAF Saxa Vord. Rest assured – there will be many more questions in the future.


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