Monday 12 December 2011

Article in the Shetland Times 1990

The following article is copied from a 1990 copy of the Shetland Times. The optimistic tone about the future of the Unit is perhaps forgivable considering the Domestic Site was nearing the end of a complete rebuild and a new Quarters patch at Nordabrake was being built. Plans were in being for the installation of the Type 93 radar and most of SHE was to be rebuilt in the early 90’s. One has to feel sorry for the Stn Cdrs over the next dozen years who were expecting the Station to stay open for a long time and indeed were being briefed accordingly by MOD. In retrospect, with advances in technology and the ability to supply secure data links over long distances, it is perhaps surprising that Saxa lasted as long as it did. The eventual closure, when it did come, was not well handled as far as the local community were concerned. Whilst the servicemen on Unst did their best to ease the blow, the overall aim of politicians and the MOD was to save money.           In an attempt to make the article easier to read I have split into 3 parts. (left click on each part to enlarge).

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