Sunday 24 April 2011

Ops Site - April 2011 - Part 2

Some more photos from a visit to the Ops Site in April 2011 are below. (Left click on pictures to enlarge).
The next 2 pictures are of a plinth on the radar site. The first of these was taken with some zoom from the Ops Site on this visit and the second is an MOD photo taken around 1980 - the plinth is on the left. It is close to the Trig Point and to the steps leading down to the Ops Site. I am trying to find out what this plinth was built for. In the photos I have going back to the early 60's all I have seen it used for is anchoring anemometer masts. I'm sure it was not constructed for that purpose and believe it was meant to be the location for a radar early in the Units history (it is quite possible that radar was never delivered). It would be appreciated if anyone who has information would get in touch:

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