Wednesday 13 October 2010

LINK 11 at Saxa Vord

Link 11 was installed at Saxa in 1984. The system was designed to provide high speed computer to computer exchange of digital information between ships, aircraft and shore based installations. Planning for the equipment began in the early 50s between UK, US and Canada. When eventually made operational the system was based on 60’s technology and did not operate as quickly as more modern equipment. It was designed to use both HF and UHF but the UHF element was normally for use ship to ship and ship to aircraft. The UHF operations were basically restricted to line of sight whilst the HF links could operate out to about 300 miles.
The introduction of Link 11 to UKADGE was to meet ASR . 894 which I presume means “Air Staff Requirement 894”. Link 11 became part of the ADGE Data Link Buffer System (ADLBS). (Left click on pictures to enlarge).

The following 5 pictures show the installation on the equipment:

The next 3pictures show the Link 11 after installation and the operators console:
The masts are still in situ 4 years after station closure. Whether or not they are being used remotely from another UKADGE site, on care & maintenance or just remaining on site awaiting a scrap merchant I don’t know.

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