Monday 29 March 2010

Three Steps to Heaven (or Two Hundred & Twenty-one Steps to the Radar Heads)

The view from the top of Saxa was so spectacular that the MOD was kind enough to provide special access for the Tech/Eng Staff. An exclusive set of 221 steps were constructed so that they could enjoy their watches gazing at the panorama all around them. In the old days they were even allowed to use this route in inclement weather. The poor operators in the R101 – R10 never heard a complaint, well hardly ever – come to think of it some of the Techies were very ungrateful for the privilege they had been given. I have attached a few photos of this scenic highway to provide memories for those who used to use it (ie, the days when they were fit). (Left click on pictures to enlarge).
Following one or two light breezes and some attempts by the staff to imitate the birds and take flight, the authorities decided that the view should be ruined by providing a covered walkway. After that the route was only suitable for Station Commanders and children.


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