Friday 19 March 2010

A Day at the Beach - Raft Race

One reason why many people have happy memories of Saxa is the number of events arranged for entertainment and/or charities. For whatever reason community spirit was more in evidence and inhibitions were less obvious.

The photos below are all of the same family event on the Norwick Beach. I’m not sure when it took place but I would guess it was in the early 8
0’s (shows what I know about dates - see comments at the end of the section!). It would be a normal summer’s day for Unst – no swimsuits but the occasional parka and fleece on view. If any of the participants would like to get in touch to give me more information I will happily update this section.

I am afraid that I have been unable to find out who took these pictures. If he/she reads this I will add the appropriate credits or remove the photos if necessary. I have published them as I believe they could provide a few happy memories. (Left click on picture to enlarge)



  1. i have some pics from Norwick Beach in 1985 - with all the ShetRad gang

  2. That is Craig Fleming (RAF Fire Service) sponge in hand in the top photo. I just sent him the link to this site so we can get a more exact date.

  3. Hi, love the photo's. I am on a few of the pics. Great time, absolutely loved the place.
    I was there Jan 91 to Sept 92,so you can deffinately narrow it down to those years.
    Was on a course with a fireman from Lerwick last year and he said they still have the annual It's a Knock out competition.....Great Times
    Craig Fleming