Tuesday 15 December 2009

Life on Camp - The Early Days

When looking at the early days of Saxa Vord one needs to see the camp in its historical context. When the first equipment arrived in Unst in 1954 the Second World War was only 9 years in the past. WWII food rationing only ceased in July 1954, when meat finally became freely available (if you could afford it). National Service was still in existence - the final intake was as late as 1960 with the last National Serviceman being demobbed in 1963.

To begin with tours were unaccompanied and the only individual to have a Quarter was the CO. Even he did not get an RAF Quarter - there were none. He occupied an AMWD (Air Ministry Works Department) Quarter which was lent to the RAF. Very few people had cars and, when the station opened in 1957,  severe petrol rationing brought on by the Suez crisis, was a recent memory.

All of the photographs in this section belong to David Goodall (Saxa 1959-61) and I am grateful for his permission to use them. They were all taken on camp during his tour. (Left click to enlarge)

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