Thursday 19 November 2009

A History of RAF Saxa Vord

The aim of this site is to provide some memories of RAF Saxa Vord from 1955, when the first radar equipment arrived at Baltasound, until the radar was removed  and the Station closed in 2005/6.

Photo: Rita McMeechan (Carle)
Photo: Phil Carpenter
Initially the material used will come from 4 main sources:-

1. The collection left by my late father-in-law Hughie McMeechan, who was posted to RAF Skaw in 1941 and settled in Unst after the war. He worked at RAF Saxa Vord for 21 years.
2. Photos from David Goodall who was at Saxa from 1959 to 1961 and revisited the islands in 2008. He is obviously a talented photographer.
3. Photos from my wife Rita, who was born at Baltasound and lived there until kidnapped by a member of the RAF in 1969.
4. My own collection.
As the site develops I hope to receive comments, input and corrections from some of those who served at Saxa. I would welcome pictures and anecdotes which would be relevant to others who were stationed on Unst. Obviously there is a finite limit to the amount of data which can be published on this type of site and therefore I may not be able to accept all material.

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  1. Hello Gordon & Rita,
    I am Sandra's, next door's, brother (living in Weston-super-Mare). Congratulations on a fantastic site, brought back many memories. I was at Saxa myself in '67, on a Henlow fitting party. I don't see any mention of "The Hustlers." Saxa's own pop group, they used to come to Lerwick and play at the Planets Ballroom in Mounthooly street.
    They played a lot of the Shadows stuff and were very good. Lead guitar was SAC Dave Joseph (from Mauritius I think). I have some stuff on them somewhere. Interested?
    Anyway, a great site, congratulations.
    Norrie Moir